DEAN MEYER | HR Manager at HotHire
« Ignito Project is a recruiting platform that is fast and easy to use but at the same time highly customizable and adaptable. The platform is full of useful tools, the career site and back office interface are delivered in many languages and the customer service is excellent. We don’t run the risk of contacting candidates several times or forget to keep them updated about the recruiting process. In a nutshell, Ignito Project is irreplaceable. »

Our vision

Philosophy of Work
Serve as a link between demand and job supply, respecting at all times the needs of candidates and employers, through ethical, professional conduct, keeping confidentiality and adherence to our laws.
Our goal is to grow as well as possible as professionals who know the price to future employees, progressing every day in this not simple matter.
Be a leading company in the provision of Human Capital placement services to domestic and foreign industry. With national and international presence.


We have a database, which includes more than 22,000 resumes, which allows us to have immediate access to candidates at all levels for all the positions your company requires.
At Ignito, we put at your disposal a joint experience of 12 years in recruitment, selection and hiring of staff, which allows you to save considerable time and money in the process of hiring your employees.


Post your vacancies on job search engines free
Companies that do not have strong brand have few visitors to their career sites. Ignito is connected with leading job search engines that will display your vacancies for free giving you an audience of millions of candidates.
Analyse and report your recruiting activity
How many candidates have we interviewed? How many applications do we receive per month? What are our best sources of applicants? Ignito’s online recruitment software comes with a rich library of pre-built reports and allows you to build any additional report you may wish.
Communicate with candidates
Candidates perceive poor communication regarding their application as a major problem and are left with a bad impression of your organization. Ignito Recruiting makes it easy to let candidates know how their application is doing.
Use your calendar
SaaS platforms are rarely connected with your electronic calendar. Ignito’s recruiting software integrates with leading systems (Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail etc.) so that your interviews and reminders are where you need them.

Price and Versions

40€/per month
Career Site with company logo
CV Database
Vacancy posting
GDPR management
Start up in 48 hours
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80€/per month
Branded Career Site
CV sharing
Start up with customizations
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130€/per month
Multilingual Career Site
Killer Questions
Advanced workflows
Video interview software integration
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